Port Douglas is located just 1 hour drive along the Coast from Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
Cairns is serviced by an International Airport and connections to Port Douglas can be readily made by Coach and Hire Car.

The Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system that has ever existed.
A maze of 2800 reefs and many islands, it stretches for 2200 km (1300 miles).
An estimated 1500 species of fish and more than 300 species of hard reef-building corals, 4000 mollusc species, and 400 species of sponge have been identified and the numbers are still rising.

The Rainforest
The Wet Tropics is a World Heritage listed National Park and runs from Cairns north past Port Douglas up to Cooktown.
The Rainforest is over 125 million years old, one of the world's oldest continual rainforest, a living fossil forest.
Dating before the age of the dinosaurs, a place where colorful birds, insects and butterflies, reptiles and marsupials live.
Some of the world's oldest plants, fungus, ferns, cycads, palms and flowering plants can be found here.

The Great Australian Outback
Just inland from Port Douglas is an abrupt change from lush rain forest to Savanna, cattle country - the Australian Outback , complete with wild Brahman Bulls and high Anthills. West and North is Cape York Peninsula and the Gulf Savanna region with magnificent outback country, lava tubes, old mines, rugged country and grassland plains.



The Weather
The region is warm, sunny and idyllic.
There are basically two seasons.
From December to the end of March the climate is warm and moist. This is the green season when the rains come, carpeting the landscape with growth.
From April through to November the days are sunny and warm and the nights are cool and pleasant. The ocean temperature remains naturally warm all year round.

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